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#Occupy Oakland Damages, Taunts Shopkeepers; 1%-er Michael Moore Cheered by Radicals Returning to Camp


From the San Francisco Chronicle:

The owner of Sankofa African Arts and Jewelry said that on the two mornings since protesters returned, her front doorway has reeked of urine.

She said her business has declined by 80 percent since Occupy Oakland began.

“I really, really want them to leave,” said the owner, who gave only her first name, Ellen. She has owned her business for 17 years. “What they are doing is making business worse.”

A camp supporter overheard her lament and shouted: “You would have lost your business anyway with the way the economy is going.”

Ellen burst into tears.

Moji Ghafouri said business has gone down 25 percent at her Caffe Teatro. Protesters also smashed one of her windows.

“I’m a small business,” she said. “If you’re against corporations or big business, I’m not them.”

Ghafouri said part of the problem is City Hall’s doublespeak – like banning people from 10 p.m. to 6 a.m. and then letting people camp overnight anyway.

“If they’re not going to enforce it, don’t say it,” she said.

Meanwhile, one 1%-er is ecstatic:

[youtube PNjWdMH0XaI]

As the camp grew in size Friday, filmmaker Michael Moore flew in to pump up supporters.

As he made his way to the front of the plaza, he was swarmed by many of the gathered 1,000 or so protesters screaming, “We love you, Michael!” and “Thank you!”

Moore’s talk was like pouring honey on the plaza. They ate it up, and he clearly enjoyed them.

“Occupy Oakland! Occupy everywhere! I am honored to be here!” he yelled through a microphone.


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