More Ridiculous Leftist Propaganda: The Chevy Volt Song… and Dance

What’s an absurd Leftist policy without an agitprop song to accompany the inanity?

The attempted spoonful-of-sugar to help force down the bad Progressive medicine they are pushing.

Which brings us to General Motors (GM) and one of the Leftist ideological windmills at which they tilt – the Chevy Volt.

We the Taxpayers have spent billions subsidizing the Volt. And continue subsidizing it still.

We bailed out GM ($50 billion) and Chrysler to the tune of $83 billion. On which the Obama Administration now admits we’ll lose (at least) $23.6 billion. (President Obama once upon a time promised us we’d actually make money on the deal.)

We the Taxpayers are still stuck holding 500 million shares of GM stock – on which we are poised to lose tens of billions of dollars more.

But you know what makes all of this terrible-ness so much less worse? GM spent some of our money on – the Chevy Volt official song and music video:

[youtube 1P-9wXTbAs8 nolink]

Don’t you feel better?

The GM-official “GMVolt” YouTube video page description of which reads as follows:

Chevrolet’s official Chevy Volt fun and educational song set to a historical collage of developments and progress as captured on the website

“Educational” – like the aforementioned government elementary school songs are “educational.”

Now, a defense could be proffered that companies write songs and cut videos for advertising purposes all the time. Fine and true. That being said, this Volt song was (as far as I can find) never made into an actual ad.

GM’s official YouTube posting of it has only (as of this writing) 30,048 views. And it does not appear on the aforementioned’s video page.

The song is a total (if unintentional for GM) joke – and we get that it is. This is not the end of the world. It is just another ridiculous aspect of the ridiculous from-the-start Chevy Volt – and auto bailout.

And the joke gets worse.

At the 2009 Los Angeles Auto Show, GM also gave us – the Chevy Volt Dancers:

[youtube xvwTMZNWGuk nolink]

A troupe with a routine devised to accompany the Chevy Volt tune.

Just what every car company needs – a band with a floor show.

Do not attempt to operate heavy machinery for up to 24 hours after viewing either of these videos. If you’ve watched both, you may want to contact your physician.


All of this is yet another reason to be thankful that We the People have spent nearly $60 billion propping up General Motors and subsidizing the Chevy Volt.

Don’t you feel thankful?


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