Massachusetts: A Super Tuesday Preview

Massachusetts: A Super Tuesday Preview

The Massachusetts Republican primary is for 41 delegates to be awarded proportionaly. Candidates must reach a minimum of 15% of the vote to be awarded delegates. In 2008, Romney won 55% of the vote to McCain’s 45%. It will be held on March 6, 2012, otherwise known as Super Tuesday. Other primaries that day include Alaska, Georgia, Idaho, North Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Vermont and Virginia.

The latest polling via Real Clear Politics has Romney at 64% with Santorum at 16%, Paul at 7% and Gingrich with 6%. Obviously, it isn’t expected to be competitive.

Five percent of MA voters will have new voting locations due to a new map.

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But new precinct boundary lines went into effect on Jan. 1. This is the first election since the precinct lines have been redrawn. Following the 2010 Federal Census, Andover, like other Massachusetts cities and towns, was required to redraw its precinct boundary lines, to provide, as nearly as is practical, that all precincts are evenly populated.