After Months of National Community Organizing, Obama Stuck at 47%

After Months of National Community Organizing, Obama Stuck at 47%

With gas prices sky-rocketing, an anemic recovery Obama’s deficit-ballooning, big government policies only made more anemic, and Republicans finally coalescing around Mitt Romney, President Obama and his panicked Media Palace Guards have recently unleashed a tactic I suspect we’ve only seen the beginning of — a series of cynical attempts to “community organize” America with phony news narratives designed to swamp real news, divide voters, and gin up the Democratic base.

First there was the Obama’s betrayal of the Catholic Church when it came to its social service outlets being mandated by the government to betray its conscience and provide abortion pills and birth control to employees through health insurance. Obama and the MSM were obviously playing chess with this one and knew the Church’s protest could be turned into this whole “War on Women” nonsense.

Then there was the rise of Sandra Fluke, a private citizen/activist unaware of the fact that birth control can be purchased at Target for $9 and eager to convince Americans that a non-existent right to free birth control somehow trumps a First Amendment right of religious expression.

Then, even after he apologized for his comments, there was a protracted war on Rush Limbaugh and by extension the “anti-women” Republicans who could never condemn Limbaugh enough to satisfy the left-wing media.  

Now we find ourselves into week two of the Trayvon Martin narrative. The unfortunate case of a black teenager allegedly shot by a registered Democrat and Hispanic in the all-important swing state of Florida. Like the terrible 2011 Tucson tragedy, this is an incident where all Americans could’ve come together (to demand the shooting be fully and properly investigated), but again, like Tuscon, Obama’s media minions simply won’t allow that and have intentionally turned the Trayvon story into a divisive one along racial lines.  

All of this is Obama engaging in community organizing, and with the corrupt media’s help, it’s been community organizing on a national level. This is not only a political tactic being used to gin up the Democrat’s all-important base and to keep them eager to vote against sexist, racist Republicans in November, but also a way to swamp the media narrative so issues like unemployment, the deficit, record gas prices, and slow economic growth aren’t able to gain any traction.

This constant and deliberate swamping of the news narrative will be especially useful after Labor Day to ensure the GOP nominee is always on defense and never able to get his message out.

But is this tactic working?

According to the RCP average of Obama’s approval numbers, it isn’t. If anything, it’s counter-productive.

Today, President FailureTeleprompter sits at 47%, whereas a few weeks ago he was hovering somewhere romantically close to 50%. Moreover, in a poll released today, Obama’s in serious trouble in a number of key swing states. He might be beating a beaten-up Mitt Romney, but Romney hasn’t even begun to really focus on Obama’s lousy record yet and in the crucial states of Florida, Ohio, and Pennsylvania, the President can’t get over 50% against his likely opponent.

In fact, Obama’s approval/disapproval rating in those states is underwater —  47-49, 47-49, and 45-50 respectively.

Obviously, we’ve only see the tip of the iceberg of what Obama and his media pals have in store for us over the next seven months, but for right now it appears though an awful lot of time and energy is being used up to prove Obama’s inability to get over 50%, even under the best of conditions.


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