Two New National Polls Show Romney Beating Obama

Two New National Polls Show Romney Beating Obama

With the media completely on President Obama’s side and his cynical, divisive national community organizing in a full racial and gender rage, two new polls show none of it’s working. Furthermore, even though Governor Romney has not yet been crowned the GOP nominee or even turned his primary battleship around into a general election machine, he appears to be in the kind of shape the media would have you believe is impossible:

Fox News yesterday:

Republican Mitt Romney holds a slim edge over President Obama in a head-to-head matchup, a Fox News poll released Thursday shows. In addition, the poll finds the president’s job rating has dropped to its lowest point of the year.

In a presidential match up, Romney tops Obama by 46-44 percent if the election were today.

Rasmussen Reports today:

In a hypothetical Election 2012 match up, Mitt Romney earns 48% of the vote, while President Obama attracts 44%. That’s Romney’s biggest advantage in over a month.

It’s certainly not helping President FailureTeleprompter that he’s overseeing the worst economic “recovery” since the Great Depression, all after creating record deficits, and doing so in-between a record number of golf games and all kinds of taxpayer-funded lavish vacations.

Another problem for Obama is that an incumbent below 50% is usually in trouble. After all, Americans have already had four years to kick the tires and take a test drive. Obviously, they don’t like what they’ve seen and that means it’s Mr. Romney’s job to merely show himself to be the acceptable alternative.

This reality is why Obama will be going from “hope and change” to “smear and scare” this year,  an approach we’ve already seen with his phony War on Women crusade and the cynical exploitation of the Trayvon Martin shooting. And don’t forget his surrogate, Hilary Rosen’s attempt to smear and marginalize Ann Romney, who everyone knows will be a huge asset to her husband’s ticket.

Worse news for the President is that immediately after the Obama-inspired attack on Ms. Romney Wednesday night, the Romney campaign proved itself a machine that’s already efficient, able to capitalize, and ready to do battle.

November is a long way off, but just the thought of Obama joining the ranks of the record number of unemployed his failed policies have created makes me giddy and, frankly, right now I’d rather be Romney than him.


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