To Explain Obama's West Virginia Humiliation, Dems Accuse Their Own of Racism

To Explain Obama's West Virginia Humiliation, Dems Accuse Their Own of Racism

Everywhere there was a primaryyesterday, Democrats had a very bad night–especially in West Virginia, where a prison inmate won over 40% of the vote against Barack Obama. Naturally, because Democrats simply refuse to face the reality of this failed administration, the cry of racism was heard even before the polls closed. Only this time the Democrats’ charge of racism was directed at fellow Democrats:

Democrats in the state attributed Obama’s problems to his race, and sought to counter that with an unusually blunt campaign message in October, seeking — unsuccessfully — to convince white Democrats to vote for the African-American candidate. Primary exit polls found that 20% of white voters in West Virginia cited race as a factor in their overwhelming support for Hillary Clinton, the most in any state.

No, not 20% of white voters — 20% of white DEMOCRAT voters — cited race as a factor in 2008.

But that doesn’t explain why over 40% of voters voted against Obama in favor of an unknown federal prisoner currently serving time for extortion and threats against a university.

This is much less a vote against Obama based on his skin color and much more a sign of deep-seated discontent with a divisive President who has failed decisively in every imaginable arena. And as of now, West Virginia’s Democrat Governor and U.S. Senator have both declined to give Obama their support in November, as well.

There was also bad news for team Obama here in North Carolina, a state Obama won in 2008 and where he’s holding his convention this year. Last night, nearly 21% of North Carolina Democrats chose “no preference” over the President.

Are they racist?

How do we know “no preference” isn’t a gay, black single mother with dyslexia and a glass eye?

Let the Democrats declare their own rural, working class voters racist. There’s room for them on the right, and as long as Obama blames his woes on everything but his own failed policies, that also works in our favor.


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