Obama Consuming Mass Quantities of Tax Dollars, Hot Dogs

Obama Consuming Mass Quantities of Tax Dollars, Hot Dogs

One can’t burn through trillions of dollars in current and future tax revenues without springing for a hot dog now and then. Unfortunately, Obama’s hunger for both is huge, and the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine (PCRM) has noticed the latter, calling on reed-thin Barack to set a better example when it comes to his diet.

A healthcare advocacy group run by physicians is preparing to file a petition calling on President Obama to stop eating hamburgers, hot dogs and other unhealthy foods before cameras.

Whatever happened to the President’s Council on Physical Fitness anyway? Was it discontinued for bugging Obama about his smoking? Nope. It’s still there. For a minute, I thought it may have been consumed by another, larger government agency.

Various studies on how nutrution relates to the cost of health care in America have been conducted. It’s believed to cost America billions of dollars annually. Government programs, most notably in America’s schools compel the serving of nutritious diets. Evidently, Barack Obama is having none of that.

But why worry about health care costs? Obamacare is going to take care of that. See how easy it is to be the dear leader and not follow your own rules? Let’s hope fat people don’t start running for POTUS in droves just to earn a pass from taking responsibility for their diets. Welcome to America and our do as I say, not as I do, government.


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