Pigford Lawyer Al Pires Announces Senate Run

Pigford Lawyer Al Pires Announces Senate Run

If you’ve been following the story of the Pigford settlement that Andrew Breibart exposed, rejoice: Pigford mastermind Al Pires is now in the race to be elected as a Senator in the great state of Delaware.
Alexander J. Pires Jr., the wealthy long-haired lawyer who owns many of Dewey Beach’s most popular nightspots, will try his hand at politics, announcing plans on Wednesday to challenge Democratic U.S. Sen. Tom Carper as an independent in November’s general election.
Pires declared his candidacy in an exclusive interview with Fox News Channel’s Greta Van Susteren on Wednesday night. Susteren is a former law partner of Pires’ wife and starred as herself in “Mayor Cupcake,” a 2010 film written and directed by Pires about a baker turned city leader that’s based partially on Pires’ New England upbringing.
Last year, Andrew Breitbart appeared on John Stossel’s special report “Freeloaders” on Fox News with Al Pires. Breitbart wrote:
Al Pires is an elusive figure, for reasons I think will be obvious as soon as you watch the video. My Pigford investigative team has known for months that getting Al Pires to talk on the record would be a dream interview and crucial to understanding the scam that’s been perpetrated on the taxpayers and the real farmers for years now. John Stossel first exposed Pires in his great Freeloaders special a few weeks ago and when he called me earlier this week and offered me the opportunity to question Al Pires myself, I realized that it represented a very rare opportunity.

Watch below for yourself how Al Pires dissembles in his discussion with Breitbart, and then start to imagine how the suddenly not-so-elusive Pires will do in a debate as he runs for Senator.

The candidacy announcement has already yielded new facets to the complex persona of Alexander Pires. For example, who knew that he co-wrote and directed the aforementioned flick “Mayor Cupcake,” starring Lea Thompson, Judd Nelson, and Greta Van Susteren? Or that Pires owned a bow tie and was the Chairman of the Board of a bank? I bet all the farmers who feel that Pires betrayed them would love to sit down for a showing of “Mayor Cupcake” at Pires’s bank some day.

Imagine how a Senate run will expose other fun facts about Mr. Pires, including (hopefully) the financial details about how much he’s profited at the expense of black farmers. Picture the videos of black farmers talking on the record about why they feel that Al Pires stabbed them in the back and rewrote the rules of the settlement agree to benefit himself at their expense.

It’s almost enough to make me want to move to Delaware.