How They GOTV vs. How We GOTV

How They GOTV vs. How We GOTV

Tea Party Patriots from across America are in Wisconsin for the recall election, working hard to Get Out The Vote (GOTV) on Tuesday.    

We are not alone.

Well-funded professional agitators – who want to throw out Wisconsin’s book-balancing Governor and bring back wild government overspending – are also trying to get out their vote.

But there’s a difference between how Tea Party Patriots get out the vote, and how the professional agitators get out their vote.

We are neighborly; they are not.

We walk door-to-door in Wisconsin neighborhoods, look people in the eye, and talk about the issues.  Like neighbors.  One of the most important issues in Wisconsin is how professional agitators want to drag Wisconsin back to the days when everybody in the neighborhood had their money wasted by government – as they picked winners and losers and pitted neighbor against neighbor.

The professional agitators are being true to form in how they’re trying to get out their vote.  They are literally pitting neighbor against neighbor, by distributing what Wisconsin blogger Ann Althouse called “the most disgusting thing I have ever received in the mail.” 

As reported by Breitbart News, the overspending agitators who want the recall have sent out bizarre mailers that list the names of people’s neighbors – and list whether or not they voted in the last election.  This disgusting attempt to “shame” and “threaten” neighbors in Wisconsin is exactly what you would expect from people who have no shame about taking money from their neighbors and blowing it on government overspending.

We in the Tea Party Patriots are far different than the professional agitators – in what we do, and how we do it.  Our volunteers walk door-to-door, and make personal contact with the people in Wisconsin neighborhoods.  We do not drop threatening mailers designed to shame people in the neighborhood.  And when we do speak like neighbors to Wisconsin families, we do not say “we’re here to take your money and waste it” like the professional agitators.  We are here to stop the professional agitators and their well-funded scheme to pick the pockets of Wisconsin families and drag this State back to the bad old days of government overspending.

We don’t believe in shaming our neighbors, humiliating them, or trying to pick their pockets.  Like good neighbors, we believe in treating our neighbors with respect, respecting their privacy, and respecting their hard-earned money.

It’s the neighborly thing to do.

Today, we respectfully ask you to take a moment to vote.  If you would like to find out how and where to vote, you can see that here.