Don't Surrender the Youth Vote to Obama

Don't Surrender the Youth Vote to Obama

If you were to visit throughout the election cycle you are guaranteed to see a plethora of pictures, videos and social media posts that depict President Obama as a “hip” and “cool” President. In 2008, the youth vote was critical to Obama’s election. And, a new poll by CNN suggests President Obama will likely win the youth vote again in 2012. The Obama Website quotes from that poll:

Americans under 30 — more than two-thirds of this group have a favorable view of the president, while just four-in-10 in this age group have a positive opinion of the Republican candidate.

However, upon further inspection of the website, one can’t help but realize there is a missing piece in President Obama’s re-election pitch.  He boasts of his courage to take on Wall St., his highly controversial health care battle, and a strong foreign policy approach. Yet, nowhere on the entire ‘issue’ page are the words ‘fiscal policy.’ President Obama has a gigantic secret for the younger generations that he is trying to keep quiet with flashy logos, appealing tweets, and inspirational quotes. On this particular issue, the math will uncover the truth.  As President Obama tries to re-energize his interns and staff, he carefully avoids any mention of his fiscal record.  

Ironically, the younger generations are the worst off in the deb- to- entitlement trade off. My generation is under assault by big government, excessive regulation, and federal bureaucrats who are determined to stifle economic growth.  Instead of facing these problems head on, the Obama administration plays blatant partisan games, sticking to rehearsed talking points and narrating the DNC’s core values.  The Obama administration has the audacity to present a budget that never balances, a tax code that jeopardizes small business, and a governmental structure that encourages waste and corruption.  Furthermore, the average high school graduate entering college owes more than $870,000 as their share of the federal debt.  When our politicians fail to even admit we have a problem, how can they possibly form a solution? 

In addition, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics of the U.S. Department of Labor, more than 50 percent of college graduates are either unemployed or underemployed. Furthermore, a record number of those in their 20s have to move back in with their parents because they either do not have a job or the part-time job they have doesn’t pay enough. So, not only can today’s youth not get a job, but they are saddled with the $870,000 debt – and rising.

My own perspective is a unique one. Growing up in the suburbs of Chicago, I understand how the youth get caught up in the “rah rah Obama craze.” When I was a freshman, all the “cool” kids had Obama bumper stickers, even though a majority of them had no idea where he stood on the issues.

Despite the poll, I see this election being significantly different. My generation is suffering due to the Obama administration’s quest to stifle business, decrease private sector opportunities, and limit freedom.  The pitch to my fellow peers is simply this: Do you want to live in a country where Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid cease to exist? Do you want to have a nation that is like Spain, with 51% youth unemployment, and a stagnant economy? Do you want the government continually trying to spend your money? My generation needs to “wake Up” and see that the current administration is stealing their money.

Unfortunately, it is not always that easy to persuade the younger electorate.  Washington has been stealing from my generation for years without proper repercussions. If I were to steal money from my classmate’s wallet, I would get punished. Washington does it and they get re-elected!

To win over my generation, a persistent effort is needed. Conservatives nationwide need to reach out to younger voters, ask them questions, and engage them in conversation. Despite what the media tells you, most of my peers are open to hearing both sides of the issues. If arguments are presented with facts, statistics, and historical analysis, you may be surprised as to what happens; we might listen.

Charlie Kirk is the founder of The Turning Point and will be a freshmen at Baylor University next fall.