Democrat Voter Fraud Hangs over Recount for WI State Senate Recall Race

Democrat Voter Fraud Hangs over Recount for WI State Senate Recall Race

After a massive blowout in the recall election of Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker, State Senator Van Wanggaard still finds himself trailing his challenger John Lehman by 834 votes. This has prompted a recount of the results, which began on Wednesday.

We have reported previously about the electioneering activities by members of the community-organizing group Wisconsin Jobs Now and potential issues with a giant Obama “HOPE” painting hanging above voters as they cast their ballot in the Martin Luther King, Jr. Center. Reports of threats were rampant in the Racine area, and in an exclusive interview with Breitbart News an individual reported someone threatened to smash an election observer’s head into the ground. Also, Breitbart News revealed a video of election officials stuffing absentee ballots into ballot boxes with open ballot boxes and ballots laying on the floor at another poling place.

A source is now reporting that he witnessed one of the white vans dispatched by Wisconsin Jobs Now chauffeuring the same eight individuals around to three different polling places and witnessed them entering each polling place. Our source did not see what these individuals were doing inside each polling place, but they presumably happened to be inside long enough to vote. With numerous accounts of an extraordinary number of individuals entering poling places with ineligible post office change of address forms and water bills addressed to “occupant” only, this eyewitness account of a van unloading the same people entering three different poling places is more than alarming.

We now have evidence as well that Voces de la Frontera, an illegal alien rights front group, through their subgroup, Youth Empowered in the Struggle, dispatched over 400 high school students as part of massive and effective get out the vote drive to knock and drag voters to the polls. In the following video taken at a post-election protest in Milwaukee, Joe Shansky and Jorge Maya describe how these students were able to reach and mobilize some 3300 voters during the effort. The effort, of course, took place during school hours, during finals week with students from some of the most underperforming schools in Racine to target the most democrat precincts.

According to another source, Youth Empowered in the Struggle (Y.E.S.) is organized in tax-payer funded Racine Unified Public Schools. The largest chapter is reportedly located in Racine Horlick High School, which is officially classified as a failing school by the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction. Apparently, the teachers at these schools found it more important to help Y.E.S. organize get out the vote efforts for the Democrat party rather than focus on their final exams.

Here is a photo of one group of Y.E.S. members I took after attempting to question their activities after noticing knocking on doors during school hours on Election Day. The students told me they were not allowed to speak to any media, but they did admit to being with Y.E.S. and also consented to being photographed.

These activities and more were not isolated to Racine, and after hearing more accounts continuing to roll in, the likelihood of a fair and legitimate election in Racine is more than doubtful. One account of potential absentee voter fraud was reported earlier today by Breitbart News, while the former Wisconsin resident did not actually have his ballot counted, it was his attempt that constitutes absentee voter fraud. And his public bragging calls into question how many more people attempted to cheat the system in this recall election.

Coincidentally, the individual in question also happens to be the brother of the Joe Shansky from Voces de la Frontera. Meet Daniel J. Shansky, a board member of Community Action Now, newly hired employee of Unite Here Local 11 in California, and former Milwaukee resident. 

According the website, “Voting or attempting to vote in an election after being disqualified or when the person knows that he or she is not eligible to vote” does constitute absentee voting fraud. And why does that matter? According to information displayed on Shansky’s Facebook page and corroborated with the Wisconsin Voter Public Access site, that is exactly what Shansky did.

The Entitlement Mentality Monitor provides the following timeline, which paints a clearer picture of how Shansky, similar to his brother and the rest of the institutional left in Wisconsin, participate in the “democratic process.”

-3/5/12:  Shansky publicly announces on Facebook that he is moving to Los Angeles from Wisconsin in a few weeks to work for “Unite Here! Local 11″  (see IMAGE 1)

-3/19/12:  Shansky posts that he is in Nebraska en route to Los Angeles  (see IMAGE 2)

-4/17/12:  Shansky mails 1st fraudulent absentee ballot for the 5/8/12 Wisconsin primary election seen below.  The ballot is not accepted.  (IMAGE 3- from Voter Public Access site)

– 4/24/12:  One week after mailing the first absentee ballot Shansky updates “current city” to Los Angeles and employer to  “Unite Now! Locall 11″   (see IMAGE 4)

– 5/17/12:  Shansky mails 2nd fraudulent ballot for the 6/5/12 Wisconsin recall election.  The ballot was rejected and mailed back 6/1/12.    (Refer back to the absentee ballot status photo above indicating this ballot was returned to Shansky)

-5/26/12:  Seemingly naware his second attempt to vote was being denied, Shansky posts the following public boasting on Facebook  – “Well no photo proof, but absentee ballot is in the mail- Up yours Walker! (Thanks Matthew Finnell for keeping me out of jail)”   (see IMAGE 5)

So Shansky made two very clear attempts to vote in the election despite the fact that he had already moved out of Wisconsin. I especially like Shansky’s associate Matthew Finnell’s response to Shansky’s arrogant pride, “Already forwarded to Media Trackers.” I wonder if he learned that humor during his training for his current position as Wisconsin Jobs Now New Media Coordinator. As you know, Media Trackers has been instrumental in tracking the left during the recall effort. Finnell’s sarcasm is more than poetic in this case, indicating Media Trackers has been a thorn in the side of his and his closely aligned organizations.

Perhaps after the recount, which can continue up until July 2nd and potential for appeal until July 10th, the integrity of the initial results will be appropriately scrutinized. After all the accounts of what has been going on behind the scenes in Racine and elsewhere in Wisconsin, there is more than enough evidence to suspect and potentially prove the integrity of this election was deliberately sabotaged. And with the ever-impressing intelligence of the radical left, who knows; a few more Daniel J. Shansky’s may come out of the woodwork, or Facebook, or some other hole in the wall in the Internet. And new media will continue to peel back the layers of corruption and dishonesty that went down in Racine.

If this is indeed an election stolen by the institutional left and the results stand, then they will proudly claim victory, but not without having left their playbooks wide open. The light now shines brightly on just how low they stoop and what tactics they will employ over the course of an election. But they are not invincible. Their ignorance of morality and arrogant personalities continue to be exposed, and if we pay attention to how they may successfully steal Racine, they will have a much harder battle in the upcoming elections.