N.H. Legislature Overrides Governor, Approves Voter ID Law

N.H. Legislature Overrides Governor, Approves Voter ID Law

In yet another vote bucking the state’s executive office, New Hampshire’s Republican controlled-legislature overrode Democrat Gov. John Lynch’s veto of a voter ID bill on Wednesday. New Hampshire is now the latest on a growing list of states to require that voters present photo ID when voting.

In New Hampshire, different forms of identification are accepted, or residents have the option of signing an affidavit. The list will be shortened in 2013, and student ID cards and documents more than five years old will no longer be accepted. 

Lynch was opposed to the restrictions.

The votes weren’t even close, with the Senate voting 18 to 5 to override; the House went 231 to 112. The two chambers also passed a bill amending the measure to offer voters a simpler affidavit.

Democrat Lynch has been opposed by the GOP legislature on several issues, including “parental notification for abortion, labor rights and the right to use deadly force in self-defense — since Republicans gained control of both chambers in 2010.”



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