SCOTUS ObamaCare Decision Polls Poorly in FL, CA

SCOTUS ObamaCare Decision Polls Poorly in FL, CA

First the Democrats and the media told us the American people would fall in love with the never-popular ObamaCare after it was passed. Yesterday, we were told that with the imprimatur of the Supreme Court, ObamaCare would become popular.

Well, Survey USA polled the Supreme Court decision overnight and the results don’t look promising for Obama — not in Florida and not in…California!

In liberal California, 45% of citizens opposed the Court’s decision. Only 44% agreed with it.

In the crucial swing state of Florida, 50% of voters oppose the Court’s decision and only 39% agree.

In Kansas, America’s heartland, 52% oppose, 38% agree.

The deep-dive numbers look even worse.

In Florida, only 20% of voters think that ObamaCare will improve their health care. 47% think it will get worse. The numbers are virtually the same in Kansas, 48/16%.

Obama’s even upside down in California, 23/38%.

Though the media will attempt to change the subject from ObamaCare this coming week, these polls are yet another reason to motivate New Media, the Romney campaign, and the grassroots to keep exposing this budget-busting, tax-increasing, liberty-depriving monstrosity non-stop.


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