Obama Used Stimulus Tax Dollars To Create Jobs Overseas

Obama Used Stimulus Tax Dollars To Create Jobs Overseas

A few weeks ago, the Washington Post and the Obama campaign worked together to attack Governor Mitt Romney with proven lies about outsourcing. Though this attack has been exposed as a lie, that didn’t stop Barack Obama from continuing the attack, nor has it stopped his Media Palace Guards from attempting to drag Romney into the trap of responding to these lies.

Rather than make Obama pay a price for lying — which the media would do to a Republican — the media chose instead to try to pressure Romney into the no-win debate of attempting to prove a negative, which would’ve only hurt him more than the lies themselves. Polls now prove Romney made the correct decision.

Another superb decision the Romney campaign made was to take their time, get some facts together, and fight back against Obama’s and the Washington Post’s lies on offense.

It seems as though our current President, who is now posing as Mr. In-Sourcer-in-Chief, not only squandered nearly a trillion of our dollars on a failed stimulus, but also used our money to create jobs in foreign countries such as France, Italy, Russia, Mexico, and so on and on and on.

RNC Chair Reince Priebus:

What do Finnish cars, Mexican solar panels, and Danish windmills have in common? They were all funded by your tax dollars.

Thanks to President Obama, taxpayer money, mostly in the form of stimulus funds, ended up in the hands of companies overseas. Instead of creating jobs in America, the stimulus and other Obama policies created jobs or sent money to Finland, New Zealand, Indonesia, India, Mexico, Germany, Australia, Switzerland, China, Denmark, South Korea, the Dominican Republic, Thailand, Vietnam, Italy, Russia, Luxembourg, El Salvador, Great Britain, Spain, Japan, and France.

How did this happen? Consider the example of Fisker Automotive. The company received $500 million in loan guarantees from the U.S. government to produce electric cars. Then they took their money and decided to produce their $100,000 electric sports cars in Finland.

President Obama’s policies may be spurring job creation in Scandinavia. But here at home, twenty-three million Americans are struggling for work. Millions of middle class families can barely make ends meet.

The billions of dollars that went overseas largely had to be borrowed. In other words, President Obama borrowed money from countries like China to send money to… countries like China. It’s that kind of reckless spending that led President Obama to rack up $5.6 trillion in debt over the last three and a half years, bringing our total national debt to $15.8 trillion.

Priebus will officially unveil all of this later today in the swing state of Iowa, and a website called “Obamanomics Outsourced” goes into great detail showing how your tax dollars and mine benefitted and created jobs in over a dozen countries not named America.

What we all know, of course, is that the very same media currently obsessed with outsourcing will never give the damning fact that Obama used our tax dollars to create jobs overseas the attention it deserves  for one simple reason: it is a damning fact.

Not only does it prove the hypocrisy of President In-Sourcer, it goes straight to the heart of his failed stimulus and overall economy.

Good for the Romney campaign, though. They refused to get dragged into a media-created lie and a debate they couldn’t win — refused to be put on defense — and now have facts to fight the fire of the media’s and Obama’s lies.

Because the Romney case is so strong in their counter-attack, my guess is that both Obama and his Media Palace Guards will suddenly find outsourcing a less interesting topic.

Which is still a win for our side.


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