TSA Flags World's Largest Wang as Security Threat

TSA Flags World's Largest Wang as Security Threat

A man reported to have the world’s largest penis was flagged for additional screening as a potential security threat by Transportation Security Administration (TSA) officials in the San Francisco International Airport earlier this month.

Jonah Falcon, the subject of an HBO feature on his distinctive anatomy, apparently triggered concern after passing through a body scanner machine and metal detector.

The TSA reportedly asked Falcon whether he had anything in his pockets, or if he had a growth of some sort. He says his wang was viewed by a TSA worker as a biological threat, and that he was subsequently subjected to both a carefully conducted pat down and a chemical test to determine whether his trousers actually concealed explosives, as opposed to his member.

Some travelers subjected to awkward or invasive pat-downs have suggested they might strip down for the TSA in future. Other opponents of TSA practices have taken to carrying metal sheets inscribed or printed with the Bill of Rights on their person to enable them to physically hand constitutional rights over to the agency when subjected to screenings.

But Falcon says he has a different plan.

“I’m just gonna wear bike shorts from now on… That way, they’ll know,” Falcon told Huffington Post.