Romney Campaign Launches Another Small Business Web Video

Romney Campaign Launches Another Small Business Web Video

Continuing his effort to capitalize on President Barack Obama’s “you didn’t build that” gaffe, Gov. Mitt Romney has released another web video featuring a small business owner in a swing state–this time featuring Joe Dutra of Kimmie Candy Company in Reno, NV. The web video comes as Gallup releases new data today showing that business owners are now among those groups showing least approval of Obama, at 35%.

The Romney campaign is calling the video series “These Hands.” The key quote in the latest video is as follows:

Who, Mr. President, built my business? Who took the risk? Who put in the long hours? Your words are bad enough, but your actions over the last four years speak even louder. Job creators like me are trying to build this country back up. These hands built Kimmie Candy from four people to over twenty-four people. This is what makes America great. Everybody out there, every young individual, can start a company. But you have to have that individual initiative. I’m Joseph Dutra, owner of Kimmie Candy, and I built it.


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