Democrat Organization Masquerades as Agent of Compromise

Democrat Organization Masquerades as Agent of Compromise

The organization called No Labels, which purports to espouse a “working across the aisle” mentality that will fix the “broken” federal government, is approaching Republican congressmen in order to enlist them in its efforts. An email addressing wealthy and influential citizens was sent from No Labels to invite them to a meeting with Andrew Tisch, Co-Chairman of the Board of Loews Corporation and Republican Congressman Charlie Dent of Pennsylvania:

Andrew Tisch, a founder of No Labels, will be hosting a luncheon discussion on Wednesday, August 15 from 12-1:30pm in his offices with Republican Congressman Charlie Dent.  When the election ends — there will be a multitude of issues waiting to be solved. It will be necessary to build a bloc of congressional members who are willing to “work across the aisle” with one another. We suspect Congressman Dent will be one of those the country can count on. Can you attend this meeting and help make the point that we need more leaders in Congress willing to “put labels aside” and solve problems?

Dent is a classic RINO; he is a member of Republicans for Choice, a PAC composed of Republicans who support legalized abortion; he voted for S.677, the first vote of the revenue bill called the debt ceiling (if he and two others had voted no, there would have been a vote on the Cut, Cap, and Balance Bill, which, if passed, could have prevented the downgrade of the USA credit rating from AAA to AA+) and he voted for S. 365 on the final vote to raise the debt ceiling.

No Labels describes themselves this way:

No Labels is a group of Republicans, Democrats and Independents dedicated to a simple proposition: We want our government to work again. The government in Washington is no longer capable of solving the very real problems facing America. Before every election, our politicians make promises about how they will fix our tax system. Our immigration laws. Our schools. Our budget issues. But after every election, these promises are crushed under the weight of the same poisonous rhetoric and hyper-partisanship. We, the American people, are the collateral damage of this partisan warfare, saddled with debts we can’t afford and an economy that no longer creates enough good jobs with good pay … No Labels believes that common sense solutions exist for our national challenges. And we believe that our government should be capable of finding them … Most importantly, we know the vast majority of Americans agree with us … Unfortunately, all of us are rarely heard above the angry voices of ideologues and extremists on the left and right … No Labels will be a voice for this disengaged majority … We understand that there are real philosophical differences between Democrats and Republicans. And we don’t expect our leaders or No Labels members to check their principles at the door …



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