FL Candidate Mica Endorsed by Fake Tea Party Group Run by Criminal

FL Candidate Mica Endorsed by Fake Tea Party Group Run by Criminal

John Mica, running for Congress yet again in Florida, was endorsed by a fake Tea Party group advised by convicted criminal Doug Goetzloe. Mr. Goetzloe was convicted of election law violation.

Goetzloe, “adviser” to the fake Tea Party group, recently endorsed Mica in an obvious attempt to deflect from the crony capitalism and big government spending that has littered Mica’s 20 year-long career in congress. In addition, Goetzloe is linked financially to former Democrat Congressman Alan Grayson. 

Guetzloe’s fake Tea Party group sent a mailer to Florida’s voters with the Mica endorsement. This prompted an objection by Alan Byrd, who works as a campaign manager for a Democrat running against another fake Tea Party-endorsed Republican. The curious thing is that Alan Byrd is also the spokesman for John Mica.

Even as Mica’s camp tried to distance himself from Grayson ally and criminal Guetzloe, Guetzloe would not allow the Mica camp to hide from the association.

The Tea Party Express writes of Rep. Sandy Adams on their website: 

The tea party is not just about sending new conservatives to Washington; we also want to defend those who have been principled conservative voices. Representative Sandy Adams was elected in 2010 on a wave of tea party support and Tea Party Express proudly reaffirms its support in 2012. Sandy has proven she is not beholden to special interests, lobbyists, or politics as usual. She is a maverick and a true Constitutional conservative. Her fresh perspective and fearless attitude are desperately needed in our nation’s capitol, and we cannot afford to lose her. She is the type of legislator we need more of.

Adams has been endorsed by Allen West and Sarah Palin and has been a stalwart defender of the Tea Party and conservative grassroots. 


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