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Poll: Warren Down 49-44 to Brown in MA

Poll: Warren Down 49-44 to Brown in MA

The disastrous Senate candidacy of Barack Obama favorite Elizabeth Warren – the woman from whom he cribbed his own disastrous “you didn’t build that” language – is now floundering in the polls. According to the Democratic polling firm Public Policy Polling, incumbent Senator Scott Brown (R-MA) has opened a significant lead on Warren, 49-44. That’s the first lead PPP has shown since June 2011.

Brown’s appeal crosses party lines; 20 percent of Democrats said they’d be voting for him, and he destroys Warren among independents, 58-32. His personal approval ratings are currently favorable at 45-42; Warren’s, by contrast, have plummeted in the wake of the Fauxcahontas scandal – she’s lost ten points from her favorability rating over the last five months. Even though Massachusetts voters reportedly think that the Republican Party is too extreme, they don’t think Brown is extreme – 54 percent think he’s “about right” politically. A full 41 percent think Elizabeth Warren is too liberal.


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