The Democrat/Media Hispanic Hoax

The Democrat/Media Hispanic Hoax

When Republicans feature a Latina governor and a Latino U.S. Senator at their party’s convention, the mainstream media reports it as a desperate attempt to reach out to a voting bloc it is rapidly losing. When Democrats feature a Latino mayor from a mid-size city as their keynote speaker, the mainstream media celebrates that as evidence of the party’s growing appeal among Hispanic voters, which is predicted to last generations.

That bias is compounded when additional facts are considered, such as the fact that San Antonio mayor Julian Castro is from an extremist, radical left background, with his mother belonging to the Partido Nacional de la Raza Unida (“Race Party”) organization. Or the fact that a busload of illegal immigrants is arriving at the Democratic National Convention, to participate in the politics of a nation whose laws they have broken.

The mainstream media’s prejudice on this issue is not limited to influencing the election, but also aims at pushing the GOP to alter its policy on illegal immigration. The party is doomed, they say, unless it allows for some form of amnesty. Yet Republicans would not reap the benefits from such a capitulation: it would alienate the conservative, rule-of-law voters without earning the loyalty or appreciation of the targeted Latino demographic.

That is because there is one simple fact that determines the Latino vote: that Hispanic Americans are concentrated, residentially and economically, in areas dominated by the big-city Democratic Party machines and its union allies in town and country. It will take generations for that pattern to change–and, as with the Jewish vote, it may not change. A shift in the Republican immigration platform will have little more than a marginal effect.

What the mainstream media should be asking is whether Latino voters–and African-American voters for that matter–are well-served by a Democratic Party that showcases its “diversity” once every four years but blocks policies that would actually help people from these communities move forward. Instead it plays up the language of division, and prods our national political process into becoming little more than a racial census. 

As even Chuck Todd of NBC admitted last week, the Republican Party has a roster of Hispanic leaders of which Democrats are secretly envious. That is not a coincidence, nor is it the product of racial manipulation. It is a result of the fact that the conservative vision of freedom is a faster path to success for immigrants than the statist, divisive approach favored by Democrats. But don’t look for the media to point that out tonight.


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