Warren Speech: Hit in San Fran., Miss in Mass.

Warren Speech: Hit in San Fran., Miss in Mass.

They loved Elizabeth Warren’s DNC speech in San Francisco:

ELIZABETH WARREN: Sensible. She projects “sensible,” but don’t mistake that for a lack of passion, or a lack of political instinct. She also projects “relentless.” Warren took a crowd ready to fall in love and sealed the deal. She showed why Scott Brown is in the fight of his brief career.

But in Boston they wonder why she failed to mention Scott Brown.

But if you passed up the football game to watch it, Warren’s speech had one somewhat curious omission – any mention of her opponent, Scott Brown.

 And that she is more interested in the national spotlight:

She spoke in Charlotte rather than campaign in Charlestown because she wants to nationalize the race and portray Scott Brown as a Republican yes-man who will thwart the Obama agenda. But Brown has an independent voting record. And unlike Warren, Brown didn’t speak at his party’s convention to add volume to their national agenda. If anything, by speaking in prime time last night Warren proved that if elected she would be a “hell, yes” woman for the national Democratic platform, no matter how much the independent majority of voters in Massachusetts thinks it out of step with their views.

 We, at Breitbart, note she failed to mention Native Americans:

There’s a significant Native American caucus at the DNC. Ms. Warren has not only refused to meet with them, she failed to make even the most cursory acknowledgement of the importance of her “shared heritage” with them. But amidst a convention filled with appeals to every other minority group, why was she silent about her own claimed ancestry?

The answer is obvious. Any mention of Native Americans in her speech would have reminded the country that she has destroyed her own credibility on every issue during her Senate campaign.

Most mainstream media focused on her claim “the system is rigged against the middle class”:

Elizabeth Warren, trying to win a Senate seat in Massachusetts, told the Democratic National Convention crowd Wednesday night that they can work hard “but the game is rigged against them.”

“I’m here tonight to talk to … people who work their hearts out but are up against a hard truth: The game is rigged against them,” said Warren, making her case that re-electing President Obama will restore the American Dream.

And while she couldn’t resist using “hammered” twice, at least she showed literary creativity by turning the phrase into “chipped, squeezed, and hammered.”

But her best line about “purses stolen on Main Street while pensions are stolen on Wall Street” left her wide open to an irony attack. It was after all, Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner (on 14th Street in Washington) who nixed protecting the pensions of non-union Delphi auto part workers in the GM bailout:

The U.S. Treasury Department, under the tutelage of Timothy Geithner, may have been behind the termination of roughly 20,000 pensions of salaried retirees at Delphi auto parts manufacturing company, The Daily Caller reports.

The decision, according to the DC, was based solely on the fact that the retirees were not members of labor unions.

Warren’s speech didn’t help improve her chances of winning the Massachusetts Senate seat currently held by Republican Scott Brown. It did, however, set her up to be a fund raising star for the foreseeable future in the high net worth liberal enclaves of Beverly Hills, San Francisco, and Manhattan.


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