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Obama's Transparent and Foolish Attack on Mitt Romney For Endorsing Rep. Steve King

Obama's Transparent and Foolish Attack on Mitt Romney For Endorsing Rep. Steve King

It’s laughable, but not un-predictable, that the Obama campaign would attempt to attack Mitt Romney for his support of a conservative Republican like Rep. Steve King, who has been re-elected by his district 5 times since 2002. 

After all, Romney’s support came at an event focused on faith and the family, according to the Des Moines Register

“‘Don’t doubt this man’s faith. Don’t doubt his convictions,” King, an Iowa congressman who is unflaggingly popular in this deeply religious and Republican corner of the state, said at a Romney campaign rally Friday’.

Obama suggested it meant Romney wouldn’t stand up to “extreme” voices in his party. The only extreme voices to be heard lately in American politics were the obvious majority of Democrats at Obama’s recent nominating convention who booed at the thought of God and an acknowledgement of Jerusalem as the capitol of Israel being mentioned in the Democrat’s platform.

One would think Obama would be smart enough not to attempt to continue a discussion of social issues, given the Democrats’ recent debacle in Charlotte, North Carolina. That just goes to show you how desperate they are to change the subject.

On the heels of yet another devastating jobs report demonstrating how badly Obama’s policies have failed America, they’re desperate to talk about anything other than the economy, the single most important thing on voters’ minds as we move toward November.

But between the Democrat Party’s now obvious extreme–and totally out of the mainstream–stance on social issues, as demonstrated by their convention, Obama is running out of distractions in what increasingly looks like a flailing, desperate campaign. 

A Republican aide was right to call the charge what it was and dismiss it: “The Obama campaign should be much more troubled about their party’s convention fight over Israel, their candidate’s poorly-received acceptance speech, and the disastrous jobs report today. It’s no wonder their campaign is flailing.”

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