U.S. Persecution of Free Speech Incentivizes Muslim Violence

U.S. Persecution of Free Speech Incentivizes Muslim Violence

As radical Islamists assault embassies worldwide, Americans are enraged. But the Obama Administration is leading the charge backward by abandoning core free speech values — as Romney correctly observed — and instead persecuting American citizens.  

Instead of championing American exceptionalism, instead of proudly protecting the First Amendment, our government is not only retreating from America’s unique mission in the world but it is devolving toward oppression of individuals by playing along with the diplomatic ruse that a heretofore unseen flea budget indie film featuring bad porn actors is the cause of global mayhem, death, and destruction.

Not only does our government’s witch hunt against individuals contradict American values, it incentivizes violence! Islamists watch and learn: America will punish anti-Islamic blasphemers in response to Islamist rioting and murder. Hillary Clinton may say we condemn the violence, but that violence proved dramatically successful in furthering the radical Islamic agenda. 

This is Terrorism 2.0. There is no need to hijack planes when hijacking a video from the Internet figuratively explodes constitutional protections at the hands of American infidels themselves. Based on this stunning success, expect jihadist sleeper cells to craft a series of more effective vehicles to inflame passions and media interest, thereby encouraging Americans to commit constitutional suicide all the more.


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