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Dem Mayor Koch Rips Obama on Israel, Libya

Dem Mayor Koch Rips Obama on Israel, Libya

Former Democratic mayor of New York Ed Koch spoke out today, ripping President Obama over his anti-Israel policies and his dramatic malfeasance with regard to the Libyan consulate. Obama’s decision not to meet Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, said Koch, was “unacceptable … There should be a certain courtesy involved. You don’t just say, ‘We can’t fit him into our schedule.”

That was Koch pulling his punches. On Obama’s handling of the al Qaeda attack on our Libyan consulate that resulted in the murder of the American ambassador in Libya, Koch stated, “Any other self-respecting country where their embassy was attacked, their ambassador and his security detail murdered and the local police ran away would withdraw their embassy immediately in protest. Koch is an Obama supporter – but even he can’t stomach Obama’s Middle East policies.


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