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Gowdy Promises Hearing on DOJ/MMFA Fast & Furious Emails

Gowdy Promises Hearing on DOJ/MMFA Fast & Furious Emails

Last week Matthew Boyle at The Daily Caller published numerous emails between the Department of Justice and Media Matters for America. The emails showed MMfA and the DOJ working together to spin the facts about Operation Fast & Furious. There was an even one email from DOJ Public Affairs director Tracy Schmaler to MMfA suggesting a hit piece on Tea Party Nation founder Judson Phillips.  MMfA obliged and barely touched the FOX segment Mr. Phillips was on and instead used previous statements to smear him.

These emails have not gone unnoticed. South Carolina Representative Trey Gowdy appeared on NRA News’ “The Daily News with Ginny Simone.” He told her there are hearings being planned about these emails.

“I promise you, we are going to have a nice, full public hearing on that,” said Representative Gowdy.

Oversight Committee Chairman Darrell Issa compared this to President Nixon’s enemies list. The ones on the list are the only reporters/bloggers who actually report anything on Fast & Furious. Breitbart News is included on this list.

MMfA is a left leaning media watchdog group that is funded by George Soros. They also receive tax-exempt status under Section 501(c)(3) for being a supposed educational group. This status allows their donors to claim income-tax deductions and exempts MMfA from paying federal income tax.


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