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Tip of the Day: 'Keep On Fighting!'

Tip of the Day: 'Keep On Fighting!'

We receive many tips and comments like this one, every day, but with Obama debasing his office at the UN today, this comment seemed particularly timely–and inspiring:

During halftime of the Arizona Cardinals football game, I witnessed the most shocking turn in political headwinds that I’ve ever seen in my life. Because of this incident, I felt the need to spread my story. 

As halftime started and the commercials started rolling, an Obama political ad came on. I was with two dear friends of mine, one of which I never discuss politics with because of his hatred for all political parties, so I just bit my lip and stuffed a beer brat in my face. As the ad ended, and to my complete shock he said “You know, this is the first time in over ten years that I’ve registered to vote.” “Really?” I said back to him. “What made you change your mind?” “If we don’t get Obama out of there, this country is going to be in serious trouble.” Holy smokes! This coming from the guy that voted for Bill Clinton. This from the guy that hated George W. Bush with every ounce of his soul. This from the guy that watches John Stewart for his daily news! After choking on my food I asked him “So what happened?” He replied “Besides the economy, any President that bows to a foreign leader is repugnant. I don’t care what party you belong to, no American should be bowing to anyone.” To my fellow Conservatives, keep your heads up! No matter what the polls say, no matter what the media tells you, we are not losing! I truly believe that there are millions of Americans like my friend that will turn the tide in our favor and cast a ballot for Mitt Romney. Keep on fighting! 

Christian Kurkoski Twitter – @Ranger1325


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