Ann Romney Knocks Obama for 'Poor Sportsmanship'

Ann Romney Knocks Obama for 'Poor Sportsmanship'

Ann Romney can only shake her head in sadness at Obama’s low down campaign tactics. She likens team Obama’s campaign to a schoolyard bully that isn’t getting his way. She calls it “poor sportsmanship.”

Mrs. Romney revealed this and more in an interview with Fox News where she decried the charges that Mitt “lied” in the first presidential debate.

“This is what (Mitt) believes. These are the policies. These are his statements. I mean, it’s sort of like someone in the sandbox who lost the game and kicks sand in someone’s face and says ‘you liar’,” she said. “To me it’s poor sportsmanship.”

After an entire weekend of Obama campaign spokesmen parading through the Sunday morning TV talk shows all claiming that the Mitt Romney seen during last week’s debate was somehow not the real Mitt Romney and that he bombarded Obama with so many “lies” that the smartest man in history couldn’t marshal the energy to even respond, it’s no wonder that Mrs. Romney was a bit down on the Obama campaign.

But she still enjoyed the debate and was pleased with Mitt’s performance. Romney said that she knew for certain that her husband was winning the debate after the first question.

“I turned to my son after 50 minutes, and I gave him a nudge, and I said it’s 100 to zero right now,” she said.

Romney was also thrilled that America finally got to see Mitt as the intelligent, commanding man she knows so well.

“I had been waiting for a very, very long time for people to see my husband how I see him. And I think that people got a chance to do that at the debate,” Ann Romney said.

Romney also warned team Obama that Mitt is prepared to answer to that “47 percent question” if Obama brings it up at the next debate. He will respond with “clarity and firmness” she said.

The interview was conducted by Martha MacCallum and aired Wednesday morning on Fox News’ America’s Newsroom morning show.