Momentum: Romney Increases Lead In National, Swing State Poll

Momentum: Romney Increases Lead In National, Swing State Poll

The CorruptMedia is desperate to keep Obama voters motivated to turn out through a phony Narrative that says Romney’s momentum has stalled. Two of the most reliable pollsters in the country would beg to differ. Mirroring Gallup’s results yesterday, today, in two different tracking polls, Rasmussen shows Romney pulling away.

Yesterday’s seven-day Gallup tracker showed Romney increasing his lead overnight by two points — 47-50% to 46-51%.  The last time Romney was below fifty in this poll was almost two weeks ago, on October 14. Since the move to likely voters, Obama has yet to reach 50% in Gallup and hasn’t even been able to reach 48% since October 1.

We’ll see what today’s Gallup results are at 1pm Eastern.

Today’s three-day Rasmussen tracker shows Romney leading 50-46%. That’s a one-point increase over yesterday’s 50-47%.  Romney also increased his lead by two points in the Rasmussen tracking poll of the eleven combined swing states. Today the former Massachusetts governor sits at 51%, while the former community organizer languished at 45%. Those six-points represent Romney’s best lead yet. Quite incredibly, Obama led this poll by three points ten days ago. That’s a nine-point swing towards Romney.

Obviously, all eyes are now on Ohio — THE Firewall. Like many, I’m troubled by the fact that the current Real Clear Politics poll of Ohio polls doesn’t show a single one with Romney in the lead — though he is tied in three. I couldn’t agree more that there are all kinds of superb, logical, and persuasive arguments as to why these polls are wrong. But like Ace of Spades, I’d feel better if I had a poll instead of only argument. The good news in this regard, though, is that some very smart people are making this argument.

Michael Barone is no shill. He might be right-of-center politically, but he’s nobody’s flack. What he is, however, is one of the top three smartest numbers men in the country, and he’s predicting a Romney win.


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