AZ Bomb Suspect Denied U.S. Citizenship for 'Terror-Related Activity'

AZ Bomb Suspect Denied U.S. Citizenship for 'Terror-Related Activity'

Reports coming out of Phoenix indicate the Iraqi refugee who bombed a Casa Grande, AZ Social Security office on Nov 30 had been denied U.S. citizenship for “terror-related activity.”

According to these reports, accused bomber Abdullatif Aldosary sent a letter to Rep. Paul Gosar (R-AZ), asking for help getting a “greencard” in Nov. 2011. 

Gosar says he forwarded Aldosary’s request to immigration officials, and that the Department of Homeland Security then informed the Congressman that Aldosary was ineligible due to “terror-related grounds of inadmissibility” and that “individuals who engage in terror-related activity are barred from receiving various immigration benefits.”

If this is the case, why was Aldosary allowed to stay in the U.S.? Why was he here to bomb the Social Security office in the first place?

These are the questions Rep. Gosar is now asking of DHS, and they need to be asked. 

When the FBI searched Aldosary’s house after the bombing, they found bomb making materials and designs, at least a thousand rounds of ammo, and various weapons. All this was in the possession of a man whom the DHS had designated as ineligible for citizenship because of “terror-related activity.”