Newtown, Connecticut: Grieving Forward

Newtown, Connecticut: Grieving Forward

Once more confronted by the mystery of evil, our hearts break as we pray for the Newtown, CT tragedy’s victims and their families. May we as a nation remain focused on the human and the moral, not the partisan and the political; and disdain grotesquely debasing this solemn personal and national tragedy into a sordid political farce.

No moral mind excuses, let alone condones, this heinous act of singular evil by a depraved criminal; thus, no political mind alleging otherwise should divert us from our more purposeful duties.

Grieving forward, can we finally summon the courage to engage in a scathingly honest moral discourse premised upon past anguished lessons learned; starting with the harsh truth that evil is unfettered and abetted to prey upon the most innocent and vulnerable amongst us whenever and however it can.

We denigrate and violate the sanctity of life.

We deny that the most lethal weapon known to man is the human hand, which a free society can’t shackle in advance.

Still, we have free will. We can opt to timidly grasp the political at the expense of the moral. If so, we will diminish the victims’ and families’ losses and ourselves; and hasten a later day of unspeakable pain from which “all (our) well learned politics” won’t spare us.

As ever, this choice rests in the very same hands that can kill or can heal — ours.

May we chose wisely.

Hon. Thaddeus McCotter is a parent, guitarist, and of Counsel at the Detroit law firm of Ottenwess, Allman and Taweel.


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