Poll: 86% Believe Individuals Make Their Own Success

Poll: 86% Believe Individuals Make Their Own Success

An overwhelming majority of Americans still believe that individuals are responsible for their own success, according to a new national Rasmussen survey

The poll found that 86% of Americans believed success in life was determined primarily by the “choices and decisions” individuals made. 

In addition, the same poll found that 88% of Americans believe that someone who makes good decisions will “enjoy a middle-class lifestyle” while only 10% believe that such a lifestyle was “not very or not at all likely” for those who worked hard and made good decisions. 

These results prove Americans still stubbornly believe in self-reliance and upward mobility through individual initiative, even as the Obama administration tries to enact more big government programs–like Obamacare and the expansion of the food stamps program–that only serve to keep more Americans dependent on government.

Rasmussen Reports surveyed 1,000 Adults between February 23-24, and the margin of error for the poll was  +/-  3 percentage points. 


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