Milwaukee Sheriff: Police Chief 'Mouthpiece for the Mayors Against Guns Group'

Milwaukee Sheriff: Police Chief 'Mouthpiece for the Mayors Against Guns Group'

Following Milwaukee Police Chief Edward Flynn’s Senate testimony in support of an assault weapons ban last week, Milwaukee Sheriff David Clarke has submitted a letter to Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC) accusing Flynn of being a “mouthpiece for the Mayors Against Guns group.”

Sheriff Clarke rose to prominence in the minds of gun owners in January when he released a public service announcement advising citizens in his county to arm themselves instead of depending on emergency responders. 

Since that time, he has proven an indefatigable proponent of the Second Amendment and is now calling the Milwaukee Police Chief out for playing up to gun grabbers while testifying before the Senate.

In his letter, Clarke criticized the way Flynn “shamefully” interrupted Graham when the Senator was making points or asking questions with which Flynn disagreed. Clarke also described Flynn as a man who holds an appointed position and therefore doesn’t have to answer to “a constituency of his own.”

Because of this, Clarke said Flynn is nothing more than a “mouthpiece for the Mayors Against Group that has made no secret of their desire to obliterate the Second Amendment.”

Added Clarke: “[Flynn’s] viewpoint does not represent either my view on gun control nor countless other law-abiding citizens and gun owners in Milwaukee County.”


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