Activist: Kirk is Wrong on Gangs–Not Because He's White, but Because He's Liberal

Activist: Kirk is Wrong on Gangs–Not Because He's White, but Because He's Liberal

Congressman Bobby Rush (D-IL) is not backing down in his public war of words with Senator Mark Kirk (R-IL). Last week, the congressman said, Kirk’s idea to go round up thousands of suspected gangsters in Chicago was an “upper-middle class, elitist-white boy solution to a problem he knows nothing about.”

Rush told WLS Chicago’s Bruce Wolf and Dan Proft, ” I will not apologize for things I say unless it’s necessary.”

Senator Mark Kirk, who suffered a severe stroke last year, said in early May thathis top priority “is to arrest the Gangster Disciple gang, which is 18,000 people.” Kirk explained that he “would like a mass pick up of them and put them in Thomson Correctional Facility.”

Kirk then elaborated on those remarks, claiming he had spoken “with federal judges about how we could handle hundreds of defendants,” and explained the gang members would be charged with “drug dealing” and “murdering people, which is what they do.”

Kirk’s comments have drawn harsh criticism in Chicago’s black communities.

Paul McKinley, a conservative active activist from Chicago’s south side, and former Republican nominee to replace Jesse Jackson, Jr., in Illinois’ second district, told Breitbart News, “Rush is partly right. This is a problem Mark Kirk knows nothing about. But it isn’t because he is an elitist-white boy, it’s because, as everyone in Illinois knows, Mark Kirk is an elitist liberal who calls himself a Repubilcan.”

McKinley went on to explain that Kirk’s lust for rounding up black youth in Chicago’s urban communities, which stems from the murder of Haydiya Pendelton, demonstrates either his severe lack of knowledge of the problems plaguing black communities, or willful intent to look the other way from the real problem.

McKinley says,  “Chicago is a sanctuary city, but no one, including Mark Kirk or the Chicago media, wants to talk about narco-terrorism, and the illegal-alien drug cartels that are the real cause of all the violence and killings, when they are trying to pass an amnesty bill in the name of  immigration reform.”


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