Perry Recruits in New York, Connecticut: 'Texas is Waiting'

Perry Recruits in New York, Connecticut: 'Texas is Waiting'

Texas Governor Rick Perry isn’t relegating his recruitment tactics to California’s businesses – now he’s taking his show on the road. He has announced that he will be traveling to New York and Connecticut to draw businesses to his home state. The trip will start Sunday in New York City, where Perry plans to hang out with gun executives, pharmaceutical executives, and financial executives.

Perry’s also running a million dollar ad campaign throughout New York and Connecticut, paid for by a public-private Texas promotional company and featuring football Hall of Famer Emmitt Smith, filmmaker Robert Rodriguez, and business owners. “Texas is calling,” Perry intones. “Your opportunity waits.”

Perry is itching for the fight with the governors of New York and Connecticut. “If you’re a businessman or woman in New York who is tired of high taxes and high regulation and a litigious climate, I’m going to think that that’s going to be a very positive response. If you’re the legislators or the governor or the mayor who are the reason for those regulations, or taxes, or lawsuits, than I’m suspecting that there’s probably going to be a little pushback,” Perry explained.