Tough New Gun Laws Drive Manufacturers to Other States

Tough New Gun Laws Drive Manufacturers to Other States

Breitbart News reported on June 21 that AR-15 manufacturer PTR Industries was leaving behind the new gun control regulations in Connecticut and setting its sites on a less regulated, more gun friendly atmosphere in South Carolina. Various news outlets are carrying reports that gun makers are not only leaving Connecticut, but also other states that passed more gun control in the wake of the massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary. Some of these other states are Maryland, Delaware, Colorado, and New York.

According to NPR, PTR Industries CEO Josh Fiorini explained that the kind of gun laws that have been passed–particularly in Connecticut–make it difficult for gun companies to remain viable. He said that when he read the gun control legislation as proposed in Connecticut he knew that he was going to move his company out of the state once the new laws took effect: “I knew if it passed and became the new law of the land, we really wouldn’t have a choice but to move.” 

In related news, Magpul Industries is looking for another state to which it can relocate its Denver-based AR-15 magazine manufacturing company. And Beretta firearms says that although they will keep their plant open in Maryland they will not do any more hiring in that state. Jobs will be added to other Beretta facilities around the country. 

National Shooting Sports Foundation’s senior vice president and General Counsel Lawrence Keane said the new gun laws in these states “will do nothing to reduce crime,” but they will reduce jobs.

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