Black Conservative Wayne Dupree Fires Up Crowd at March For Jobs

Black Conservative Wayne Dupree Fires Up Crowd at March For Jobs

“I can’t hear you, America! Good morning!” black conservative activist and media personality Wayne Dupree, known online as “News Ninja 2012,” said as he fired up the crowd at Freedom Plaza in downtown Washington, D.C. “I still can’t hear you! Good morning, America!”

Dupree walked through how he served in the U.S. military and how he “can say, proudly say, that I have great personal interest in what goes on in my country.”

“We fight for this country because we believe in its greatness,” Dupree said. “We believe in this Democracy. And we believe in freedom for all citizens. And we will continue to fight and defend and preserve those freedoms for our citizens.”

Dupree went on to argue that “the real reason why we’re here today, July 15, here on Freedom Plaza, is because we hear the battle cries, and Washington calling for us Americans to stand up and fight.”

Dupree then railed on the “Gang of Eight” Senate immigration bill. “This legislation is nothing but a wish list written by corporate lobbyists and checked off by career politicians in order to exploit cheap labor and fill campaign coffers for the next election,” he said. “This legislation robs us of the American dream and it undermines our Democratic process. We the People have been called upon to protect our freedom, and we do this with a smile on our faces and patriotism in our hearts.”

“This is not racist,” Dupree added later in the speech. “Let me say that again: This is not racist! This is an American thing. It’s not because we’re ‘hate-mongers who discriminate against those that want a better life.’ We cannot allow people who defy our laws, threaten our national security, and threaten our economy to redefine what America stands for. No way. Not without a fight.”

Here’s video of Dupree’s whole speech.