McAuliffe to Supporters: Tell TV Stations Not to Air 'Fast Terry' Documentary

McAuliffe to Supporters: Tell TV Stations Not to Air 'Fast Terry' Documentary

On Monday, Virginia gubernatorial candidate Terry McAuliffe’s campaign launched an online campaign to pressure television stations across Virginia to not air “Fast Terry,”a documentary Citizens United has said was the “movie Terry McAuliffe does not want you to see.”

As Breitbart News reported, progressives in Virginia, in addition to state Democrats who already rejected McAuliffe once as their party’s standard bearer in 2009, are worried that the film will permanently define McAuliffe as a heartless plutocrat who stiffed working class Virginians of all races. The film, which details McAuliffe’s questionable business dealings and how he promised to build an electric car manufacturing factory in Virginia only to move it later to Mississippi, also threatens to paint McAuliffe as the Democrat’s version of Mitt Romney (a person who lacks empathy for working class Virginians), albeit a much more unsuccessful one in the private sector. In fact, Jason Meath, the film’s director, made the “King of Bain” movie about Romney’s business dealings.

McAuliffe’s campaign writes, “Like other ‘documentaries’ Citizens United has produced in the past — including the anti-Obama The Hope and The Change — their new film about Terry is nothing more than a thinly-veiled attack ad designed to con viewers into believing it’s presenting an objective take on this election.”

Yet, even the most mainstream news outlets in Virginia–like NBC 12 Richmond, a station that prides itself on its objectivity–noted the film was “damning.” 

The McAuliffe campaign frets that “three local television stations are actually going to air” the documentary “as many as 20 times each before the election.”

GreenTech, one of McAuliffe’s ventures “Fast Terry” explores, is now under investigation by the Securities and Exchange Commission for allegedly “guaranteeing” investors a return on their investment. The company, along with Gulf Coast Management, has also been accused of pressuring officials in the Department of Homeland Security to award visas to Chinese nationals who invested $500,000. McAuliffe’s tried to obtain visas for foreign investors by using Gulf Coast Management, a “cash for green cards” financing company run by Hillary Clinton’s brother, Tony Rodham.


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