Report: Illegal Immigrant 'Dreamers' Could Become 'New Social Class'

Report: Illegal Immigrant 'Dreamers' Could Become 'New Social Class'

Illegal immigrant “Dreamers” attempting to seek asylum may be becoming a new “social class” according to a New Yorker report. 

Recently, a group of thirty-six people called the “Dream 30” went to Mexico and tried to re-enter the United States through Laredo, Texas on Monday seeking political asylum. Most of those “Dreamers” were wearing caps and gowns while chanting, “Undocumented, unafraid.” 

Mohammad Abdollahi, described as a “27-year-old Iranian-born, Michigan-bred leader of the National Immigrant Youth Alliance (N.I.Y.A),” which coordinates these activities,  said these “Dreamers” are asking for asylum because they are “instant targets” in Mexico. Asylum seekers must “prove not only that they have a credible fear of violence, but also that the threat is specifically tied to their identity or political and religious beliefs.” 

The “Dream 30,” like the “Dream 9” before them who pulled a similar stunt, are claiming they will be kidnapped or extorted because those in Mexico think they are rich and connected because of their American ties. 

According to the New Yorker, “less than forty-eight hours after being taken into custody, seven of the thirty-six participants had been released into the U.S.” Although their “release only means that their asylum appeal will run its course” because “a vast majority of asylum claims are rejected,” it “may be years before they make a court appearance.”

If Congress passes a comprehensive immigration reform bill that provides a pathway to citizenship or a bill–like the one reportedly being discussed in the House between House Majority Leader Eric Cantor (R-VA) and Rep. Bob Goodlatte (R-VA)–that would legalize the children of illegal immigrants who were brought to America as children, these “Dreamers” could be granted legal status while presumably waiting for their asylum hearings. 

Carlos Spector, described as a prominent immigration attorney in El Paso, observed that “these kids went into detention as undocumented immigrants, and came out as political refugees.” Another lawyer who has worked with the group said, “Dreamers are a new social class.” 

N.I.Y.A. members are taking other actions, like infiltrating federal detention centers to make illegal immigrants aware of their rights, that prompted an “expert at the Center for American Progress” to comment that they were the “tip of the spear” of a new immigration movement.  


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