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Obama Schedule Heavy with Fundraising Trips

Obama Schedule Heavy with Fundraising Trips

Barack Obama, doing what he does best, is back campaigning and fundraising hard for the next five weeks. Obama’s plans include eight fundraisers for Democrats in the House and Senate. The events include:

  1. New York: Fundraising for House Democrats and the Democratic National Committee (DNC).
  2. Boston: a House Democratic fundraiser on Oct. 30
  3. November 6, Dallas: No: another fundraiser
  4. November 8, Miami: an event for Senate Democrats.
  5. November 14, Philadelphia: another event for Senate Democrats
  6. Seattle: fundraising for the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC)
  7. San Francisco: more fundraising for House Democrats.
  8. Los Angeles: Late November, a joint event for the DCCC and the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee

Despite the appearance of abandoning his responsibilities in Washington, one administration official said, “There’s this conspiracy theory out there that we’ve given up on legislating and want to take the House. The fact is that there is going to be aggressive engagement on a whole host of issues.”

But the focus now is on 2014. As one administration source told, “We need the House back and the Senate’s got a lot at stake, too, and we’d still have time to get some stuff done.” the official said. Another official bluntly said, “We continue to lean on the president for fundraising support. I mean, he’s the president.” 


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