Axelrod Admits Obama's 'You Can Keep Your Insurance' Promise Isn't True

Axelrod Admits Obama's 'You Can Keep Your Insurance' Promise Isn't True

Monday on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe,” David Axelrod, a senior advisor to President Obama during his first term, admitted that only a “vast majority” of Americans can keep their health insurance plan if they like it. This is the first admission (I am aware of) from a top administration official that President Obama’s relentlessly-repeated solemn promise to the American people that “If you like your insurance plan, you will keep it,” was and is not true.

Here is Axelrod on “Morning Joe” admitting Obama’s promise was phony and attempting to spin his way out of it:

AXELROD: Most people are going to keep their plan, Senator [Coburn], and you know that. The head of Blue Cross in Florida was on television yesterday and said there’s a small number of people being transferred to plans that have a higher quality. Most of them will be subsidized and end up paying less for those plans.

SENATOR TOM COBURN: And double the deductibles

AXELROD: The majority of people in this country — the vast majority — are keeping their plan.”

Though the news coverage is still not accurate (more on that below), the story of middle class Americans losing the health insurance they were happy with, and promised they could keep, is finally starting to break through in the mainstream media.

Hundreds of thousands who were perfectly happy with their health plans, and took Obama at his word, have already been blindsided by cancellation notices. Soon, according to the Congressional Budget Office, the same will happen to millions.

Basically, millions are and will be herded into government-approved, once-size-fits-all plans that are more expensive, have higher deductibles, and might not allow them to keep their doctor (another Obama broken promise). Yes, some might enjoy cheaper plans due to taxpayer-funded subsidies, but here is the misinformation Axelrod and the media are spreading about these “higher quality” plans…

If you were perfectly happy with your mid-sized car and the government came along and forced you to trade that car in on for a fully-loaded RV, is that a “higher quality” car if you don’t camp, don’t want to camp, and never intend to go camping?

Of course not.

But that is ObamCare. Despite what the media and the White House are saying, you are not getting a “higher quality plan.” You are being forced to buy a more expensive plan that includes all kinds of services a huge swath of Americans don’t want or need: Vision and dental (which are affordable in the free market), maternity and newborn care, contraception, and coverage for drug, alcohol, and mental health issues.


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