Dem Senator Calls ObamaCare 'Humpty Dumpty'; Suggests Penalty Delay

Dem Senator Calls ObamaCare 'Humpty Dumpty'; Suggests Penalty Delay

During a Friday interview with Newstalk 730 KYYA’s Scott Fredricks, Senator Max Baucus (D-MT) referred to Obama Care as “Humpty Dumpty” and suggested that the ObamaCare penalties be delayed if “Humpty Dumpty” is not put back together within a month:

I think it makes better sense to see how much of this can be put together, how much Humpty Dumpty can be fixed in the next month; and if it looks like Humpty Dumpty is not getting put back better together, then maybe we should start thinking about delaying the penalties. It’s not right to penalize people for mistakes the government’s made.

Delaying the penalty is effectively delaying the individual mandate that forces every American to purchase a Cadillac health insurance plan or face a penalty/tax.

What is notable about Baucus’ seriously considering this defection, is that he is not a vulnerable Democrat. Baucus has already announced his retirement in 2014, probably knowing that after his ObamaCare vote he had little chance of winning re-election.

Baucaus, who voted to pass ObamaCare in 2009, has since referred to the president’s signature piece of legislation as a “train wreck.”


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