Poll: ObamaCare Favorable Rating With Democrats Plummets to 55%

Poll: ObamaCare Favorable Rating With Democrats Plummets to 55%

The Kaiser Foundation has been tracking public approval of ObamaCare going back to April of 2010. The poll’s latest results hit some new records, and none of them are good news for the White House. Only 33% have a favorable view of the president’s signature piece of legislation; that’s a record low. Forty-nine percent have an unfavorable view, which is only two points off the record. Most striking is that approval among Democrats has plummeted 15 points, from 70% to 55%.

Other troubling numbers for ObamaCare’s defenders come from women. ObamaCare’s favorable rating with women has hit a record low of 32%. Those who see ObamaCare unfavorably is at a record high of 48%. In just one month, ObamaCare lost 15 points with this group.

The gap between those who believe ObamaCare will make the country better off as opposed to worse off is now at its widest split. A full 43% believe worse off, with only 34% saying better off.

The drop among Democrats makes sense. The hell ObamaCare is raining down on working and middle class families is bipartisan. Millions of Republicans and Democrats alike are having their health plans canceled, losing their doctors, and dealing with their new government-approved plans — which are usually more expensive and have higher deductibles.


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