Report: Obama to Sign Up for ObamaCare Monday

Report: Obama to Sign Up for ObamaCare Monday

***UPDATE: Media reports say that President Obama selected a health insurance ObamaCare plan Monday. This is a symbolic act. The president will continue to get his health care from the military. 

Via Twitter, April Ryan, White House Correspondent and Washington Bureau Chief for American Urban Radio Networks, reports that President Obama will enroll in ObamaCare sometime before the end of the day Monday.The president is currently vacationing in Hawaii. Today is the last day to enroll in ObamaCare if you want coverage to begin at the beginning of the new year.

Whether the president will risk signing up while cameras are rolling is still unknown. The risk in the president doing so is that crashes on him and in front of the entire world. As recently as Friday, the site collapsed.

Regardless, it certainly can’t hurt for Obama to sign up. Currently, reports show that ObamaCare enrollment is way behind where it needs to be if the program is going to be financially viable. 

Moreover, reports on the number of enrollees the White House releases and the media slavishly repeats are inaccurate. You have to pay your first month’s policy in order to be enrolled and insured. Both the White House and the media are reporting those who have only put a health plan in their shopping cart as “enrolled.”

Studies show that the online abandonment rate of items placed in a shopping cart is as high as 65%.

Currently, the media have shown little interest in digging up or demanding the real ObamaCare enrollment numbers.


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