Californians Load Up On Rifles, Shotguns to Beat Start of Gun Registry

Californians Load Up On Rifles, Shotguns to Beat Start of Gun Registry

Rifle and shotgun sales are up “30 to 50 percent” in California during the last week of 2013 as residents race to beat a new long gun registry that goes into effect in the new year.

The registry will require all long gun purchasers post-January 1 to register the make, model, and serial number of their rifle or shotgun just as they currently do with handguns.

According to CBS Sacramento, in 2014 the information gathered during expanded background checks will be kept instead of destroyed, as current law requires. This information will then be used to form a list of every gun owner in California. 

California has the expanded or universal background checks that Senator Joe Manchin (D-WV) wants to heave upon the nation as a whole. As Manchin pushed expanded backgrounds Breitbart News warned that such checks would require a gun registry to be enforceable. Without knowing where every gun is and who has it, how can officials know who is and is not submitting to a background check?

Add to this the fact that California already has laws in place that allow firearm confiscation and the lesson is simple: Step 1 – Expanded background checks, Step 2 – Gun registration, Step 3 – Confiscation.  

These are not NRA talking points, they are reality in California. 

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