Peter Schweizer on 'Hannity': More Obamacare 'Horror Stories' on Horizon

Peter Schweizer on 'Hannity': More Obamacare 'Horror Stories' on Horizon

Appearing on Fox News’s Hannity with guest host Eric Bolling on Thursday, Breitbart News Senior Editor-at-Large and Government Accountability Institute President Peter Schweizer said Obamacare is an example of “social engineering” that will only get worse – by design. 

He said that the only people who like Obamacare are government bureaucrats and insurance companies.

Schweizer, whose Government Accountability Institute released a shocking report that found that President Barack Obama did not have a single one-on-one meeting with Health and Human Services Secretary Sebelius since the passage of Obamacare, said Obamacare defies economics because it increases demand for health insurance by forcing people to buy it, while claiming it will cut costs and lower the price. 

Schweizer said that is why Obamacare will have more long-term, systemic problems than just the rollout and the initial implementation failures that the country is focused on right now.

Schweizer said Americans “are going to hear more horror stories” concerning Obamacare because “it is not just a problem with implementation” since the law was actually “designed to drive people” into particular government-approved insurance programs.  

He said this “social engineering where a group” of so-called smart people “are going to redirect twenty percent of the economy” is “only going to get worse.” 

The one group that “loves” Obamacare, according to Schweizer, is the health insurance industry.

Schweizer, regarded as the leading expert on crony capitalism in America, cited a PricewaterhouseCoopers study that found that by 2020, “health insurance companies will grow by $200 billion.”

“Look at the stock market,” Schweizer said.

What is good for the social engineers and the insurance companies will not be good for the American people. Schweizer said that even by the White House’s most conservative estimates, at least 6 million more people will lose their insurance plans when the employer mandate, which the Obama administration delayed, kicks in next year. 


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