Pat Caddell Predicts Wave of Anti-Establishment 'Mr. and Mrs. Smith Candidates'

Pat Caddell Predicts Wave of Anti-Establishment 'Mr. and Mrs. Smith Candidates'

Pat Caddell, a former adviser to President Jimmy Carter and a Fox News political analyst, said there will be a wave of “Mr. and Mrs. Smith” candidates who get elected running against the permanent political class and career politicians.

Appearing on Sirius XM Patriot channel 125’s The Wilkow Majority with guest host and Breitbart News Executive Chairman Stephen K. Bannon Thursday, Caddell said there are two “alternate universes” – one in Washington in which the ruling class tries to tell the country what is important, and another in the rest of the country in which people “distrust” Washington. 

Caddell said the Republican establishment often does not challenge the Obama administration on issues like the IRS’s targeting of Tea Party groups because it also wants to preserve the status quo and not disrupt it. 

He said the only thing that the permanent political class cares about is “self-perpetuating” itself, and he emphasized that the “established order has a massive amount of resources to crush dissent.”

Yet, Caddell said the grassroots have been pushing back against the establishment’s institutional advantages, and Washington’s entrenched politicians sense something powerful is brewing outside of the Washington. He said the members of the permanent political class, even though they can’t quite put their fingers on it, sense that there is a wave forming against them. 

He said a Republican who won a recent special election to Congress from Louisiana after being endorsed by a Duck Dynasty cast member was the “canary in the coal mine” for the establishment, and that is why the mainstream press and the permanent political class have not focused on the anti-Washington message Vance McAllister used to trounce his opponent. 

Caddell said the party that best captures that spirit will have the advantage in upcoming elections.


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