Left Plays Long Game, Aims to Turn Texas Blue

Left Plays Long Game, Aims to Turn Texas Blue

Speaking with Breitbart News Executive Chairman and host Stephen K. Bannon on Breitbart News Sunday on Sirius XM Patriot channel 125, Breitbart News journalist and Texas citizen Brandon Darby said that the left is definitely “looking down the road” past the 2014 elections.  Bannon agreed that “they are not just looking at 2014, they are looking long term to plan on what they want to do.”

Bannon asked Darby what kind of “inroads” the institutional left has made in Texas. He said that if “Texas goes the way of Colorado then it’s over, its game, set, match.” Needless to say, if Texas becomes a blue state, winning national elections for Republicans and conservative candidates may become impossible.

Darby said he thinks the Democrats and the institutional left, like OFA, are investing national dollars “like crazy” in the state of Texas. “You have groups in the state of Texas who are getting paid and are specifically targeting small slices of people” who usually don’t show up to vote “by simply doing things that are going to interest that small slice.”

For instance, Darby cited one of the left-leaning Associated Press’s first stories for 2014, clarifying, “And I do consider the Associated Press an arm of the left-media establishment, they let us know in a short three hundred word article exactly what they were going to do.”  The topic of the article was about running female candidates in the state of Texas. Bannon chimed in immediately, affirming that the AP story caught his eye too. He said, “It was the first story of the year, I don’t think midnight had struck. I said here they are it’s going to be the first all female ticket.” According to Bannon, the AP was setting up the meme of victimization and the “War on Women” as a left-wing campaign strategy.

Darby also pointed out that you have the issues in the state of Texas like amnesty that can guarantee several million votes. Groups like the now-defunct ACORN conduct massive voter registration drives, but the right is “not organized like this, we don’t have a sophisticated ground game,” Darby said.  Bannon pointed out that the right should not dismiss community organizing groups because they can “kick your ass at the polls.” 

According to Darby, the right makes different alliances than the left, and he said the “left makes alliances to win even if it takes ten years or they have to make great sacrifices.” Sadly, Darby noted that half of Republicans now don’t really believe in limited government because they are reaping big money as willing participants in “crony capitalism.”