New Hampshire Bill Would Ban Common Core Implementation

New Hampshire Bill Would Ban Common Core Implementation

A bill to ban implementation of the Common Core standards will be introduced in the New Hampshire State House of Representatives during next year’s legislative session, adding the state to the increasing number of those resisting standards that opponents say amount to a federal takeover of education.

As both the Tenth Amendment Center and EAG News report, HB 1508 “requires the state board of education to terminate all plans, programs, activities, and expenditures relative to the implementation of the common core state educational standards which have been adopted or may be adopted by the state board, including any assessments and instruction based upon such standards.”

The language of the bill reflects the fact that state legislatures have not had input into adoption of the standards, their design, or development. Most states agreed to implement Common Core before the new standards were even released, without state legislative approval or public hearings. The approval process was conducted largely through state boards of education which rarely garner much media coverage.

The bill is to be introduced by State Rep. Lenette Peterson (R) and currently has nine co-sponsors.

New Hampshire joins states such as Indiana and Florida that are challenging the new academic standards.