House Dems Trash ObamaCare in Campaign Ad

House Dems Trash ObamaCare in Campaign Ad

House Majority PAC, a Democrat super-PAC supporting Congressional Democrats, is running a new ad in support of vulnerable incumbent Rep. Ann Kirkpatrick (D-AZ). The ad trashes the rollout out of ObamaCare’s health exchanges. 

The ad claims that Rep. Kirkpatrick “blew the whistle” on the “disastrous” health care website. It quotes her calling the rollout “stunning ineptitude.” The quote is from November 15th, a month-and-a-half after ObamaCare’s exchanges were launched. Not certain that really qualifies as a whistleblower. 

The ad also says Kirkpatrick “worked to fix” the problems. 

When talking to reporters in Washington, national Democrats say that they will run on ObamaCare and it will help them in November. When actually campaigning, however, they sing a different tune it seems.