GOP Establishment Exploiting IRS Scandal While Also Attacking Tea Party

GOP Establishment Exploiting IRS Scandal While Also Attacking Tea Party

Appearing on Breitbart News Sunday on Sirius XM Patriot channel 125, Keli Carender, the national coordinator of the Tea Party Patriots, said the conservative grassroots need to clear out the Republican establishment before combating the mainstream media and liberals. 

Vowing that the movement will not be used again for cheap votes and donations by the GOP, Carender criticized the Republican establishment for “using the IRS scandal to raise money” while “they are attacking the Tea Party groups.” 

Carender said “using the fact that [the Tea Party was] attacked to raise money” while simultaneously having the “audacity” to themselves attack the Tea Party is “mind-blowing.”

She told Breitbart News Executive Chairman and host Stephen K. Bannon that before “we can defeat progressivism on the left, we have to defeat it on the right.”

As for the future of the Tea Party movement, Carender said the movement has always been–and will continue to be–about “people getting together to make positive change.” She said, “When you see an injustice, you get together to make it right.”

She also said it was imperative for the movement to go to people outside the movement because Americans who do not follow politics regularly, and may not have any party affiliation, “actually agree with [the Tea Party] on many issues.” 

Carender stated that was the way to “go around the media and get past that wall, as Andrew Breitbart said.” She suggested that Tea Party members ask Americans “what freedom means to them” and find an area in their lives where they feel government is encroaching on their freedoms to start the conversation.